Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pumpkin Roll Recipe

The Best Pumpkin Rolls you will ever taste !

Ingredients for the Cake:                                Ingredients for the Filling:

3/4 cup of Flour                                            1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese

3/4 cup of Sugar                                            1 cup of Powder Sugar

1/2 tsp. Baking Powder                                  6 tsp. of Butter

1/2 tsp. Baking Soda                                      1 tsp. of Vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

1 pinch of Salt

3 Eggs

2/3 cup of Pumpkin

Walnuts *optional*

Almonds *optional*

*How to cook the pumpkin*


 A large Pumpkin or many small pumpkins

About 5 bars of Piloncillo
*Piloncillo is made from pure, unrefined sugar that is pressed into a cone shape. 
  You can find it at any Mexican Market.

You begin by cutting your pumpkin into medium size pieces (make sure you clean the seeds off very well)

Place the Pumpkin pieces into a large pot

In a separate pot add water and the Piloncillo bars until they are melted into a brown liquid ( make sure you keep stirring them to prevent them from burning)

Once the Piloncillo is melted add it to the pot with the raw Pumpkin

Put it on medium heat, it should take 1-2 hours for your Pumpkin to boil completely 

You will know your Pumpkin is ready when it is soft enough to make into a puree

*If you do not wish to cook your own pumpkin you may purchase can pumpkin but I assure you it won't taste as good*

*You can leave any left over puree pumpkin in the freezer and wait until you want to make your next pumpkin roll *


Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees

Mix all the dry ingredients first 

In a seperate bowl mix the eggs and pumpkin together

Combine the dry and wet ingredients

Butter and flour a 14.5 x 11 x 2 in. pan and add the cake mixture

Sprinkle Walnuts or Almonds on top of mixture

Cook for 15-20 min. 

Once cake is cooked immediately remove from pan and flip on to a damp towel , flip again so that the walnuts or almonds side is facing up roll the cake with the damp towel

*Adding the filling*

Mix all the ingredients until they are a creamy texture and place it in the fridge while the cake cools

Once you have let the cake cool for about 10 minutes unwrap it from the damp towel and add the filling

Slowly roll the cake back up ,wrap it in parchment paper, and place it in a bag

Put the Pumpkin Roll in your fridge and wait at least 24hrs before serving your pumpkin roll.(If you wait 48hrs it will be even better)

This is seriously the most delicious pumpkin roll you will ever taste!
Enjoy! :)